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Creating Ideal Conditions for Growing a better hop

At our indoor growing centers, we use the most advanced hydroponic technologies to control every step of the growing process, ensuring quality and care at every step. By controlling the entire process, every plant is precisely cared for and our hops are harvested at the exact right time, so you can brew the best quality beer year-round.

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Ideal Conditions

Our controlled indoor environment allows us to grow the highest quality hops possible year-round and chemical free.    

Optimal Light

LED light mimics the full spectrum of the sun.

Perfect Hydration_670892533 (1).jpg

Perfect Hydration

We use purified water to deliver all the right nutrients at exactly the right time. 

Data Driven growth

By meticulously monitoring the growing process and capturing tremendous amounts of data along the way, we can use analytics to make informed, responsive decisions to nurture our hops.      

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A Virtuous Cycle

The more we grow, the more data we collect, allowing us to optimize production and grow hops to your exact specifications.

A Smarter Harvest

Thanks to sophisticated analytics, we’re able to harvest each crop at the exact right time. Plus, we can grow hops to order, so our harvests can be planned to fit your brewing schedule.

Smarter Harvest_153243071 (1).jpg

Fresh Hops Year-Round

Once picked, our hops can be made into pellets or, if you prefer fresh hops, delivered wet. No matter which configuration you select our hops will reach you at the height of freshness and flavor unlike traditionally grown hops that go stale sitting in storage.   

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